We are experienced in managing projects of all sizes and levels of complexity, delivering beneficial outcomes, e.g. EU OPTIMISED 10-party, pan-European digital manufacturing R&D project (€7M project value) Rolls-Royce plc Energy business sale: Engineering workstream lead (>£200M project value) Project support for bespoke family home re-build (£600k project value) Whatever your requirements are, we can tailor our support to suit your needs. We can provide a packaged service that includes project management, project support and administration, including financial management.

We provide excellent levels of admin support to our projects and as a separate service to small business clients. This can include the management and reporting of project financials, arrangement of project meetings and support for small businesses to manage and organise their business admin. For example, we’re currently providing business admin support to a small, local family-owned business, which enables the owners to spend more time doing what they really love.

We can provide you with the capacity and skills required to resource additional engineering design and analysis work, at very competitive rates, whether on and ad-hoc, interim or on-going basis, e.g. 2D to 3D conversions, 3D modelling & detailing, meshing, analysis (FE, CFD, thermodynamics, vibration, etc) Legacy data migration Product design Autocad, Pro E, Solidworks, Siemens NX, Catia (others as required)

We provide Project Management, Business Admin Support and Outsourcing.

We can help you:

Deliver your important, urgent project that needs expert reliable management

Organise your business admin systems and help you become more efficient

Gain extra capacity to deliver your engineering design and analysis requirements 


New opportunities Jan

We finalised our contract terms for the new project and received a “Letter of Intent” from the project director. We’re currently waiting for the final

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Tim Limberger

Tim has extensive experience in Project and Programme management, Engineering, Operations, Quality and Business Improvements. He has a flair for bringing people together behind a common purpose, understanding customers’ needs and getting things done. Tim is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and accredited as a Practitioner in Project Management.

Examples of career achievements include the following:

  • Delivery of Engineering Data, Tools and Services in the sale of the Rolls-Royce Energy business (total value of £985M) to Siemens, valued in excess of £200M
  • Creation of a PMO for the central Rolls-Royce engineering methods group, which improved delivery of solutions into the wider engineering function
  • Implementation of Statistical Process Control, Root Cause Analysis and Process Excellence (6-sigma) into Rolls-Royce plc Production Engine Test processes

Sue provides business admin support and project services,for example: Monitoring and reporting on the finances of a multi £m collaboration project Admin and financial management for small business Project management and support for other projects as required .Sue worked for most of her career in the NHS, delivering speech therapy programmes in Derby City and then providing dysphagia support at the Royal Derby Hospital.As the Limberger Associates business grew ,Sue happily stepped into the role of providing exemplary support for the business of our clients”.


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