Who We Are

As a family-owned business, integrity and client satisfaction are critically important to us and these values drive how we conduct our business and manage our relationships.


We also have an excellent reputation with InnovateUK, who have provided over £10M of funding to the collaborative R&D projects that we have managed for our clients, where we have been the key interface with the funders on our clients’ behalf.

We have professional and academic accreditations and experience in: Project Management; Environmental Conservation & Management; Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure R&D, gained through working on everything from small assignments through to larger collaborative UK and EU projects. We utilise an ISO9001 certified supplier who ensures we meet ISO9001 requirements, demonstrating our commitment to quality, efficiency, productivity and excellent customer service.

Our purpose

Unconstrained by rigidity, driven by key principles and creativity, delivering success through our core values.

our vision

To be enabling opportunities for growth and driving positive impact: The ‘go to’ reputable project managers.

our values

We care about people and relationships.
We care about the planet and sustainable growth.
We care about delivering success.

‘Adaptable and creative, we care about the journey and not just the end result’.

Who We Are


Director | Project Management


Director | Business Management


Project Management | Business Development

Our Environment

We’re committed to minimising our environmental impact and it is a priority for us to demonstrate that we are operating ethically, sustainably and with as little impact as possible.

This includes using renewable energy to run our office spaces, using EV or public transport when visiting clients and having in-person meetings, minimising waste and ensuring our business practices are ethical and sustainable. We also commit a proportion of our profits to charities supporting key issues such as climate change, biodiversity, poverty, homelessness, and clean water. Our impact on the environment is an area that we will continue improve on, which is led by Hannah, who has a passion for this, supported by excellent academic and credentials and practical experience in this area.


Our Limberger Associates graphic has two very important meanings for us as a company. Firstly, it shows how we work together closely as a family-run unit, interconnected and working in collaboration.

Its design is also a nod to the project management triangle, made up of three variables that determine the scope of a project: quality, cost, and time. It represents balance and the importance of ensuring that in our ever-changing world, when one (or more) of the project elements inevitably change, the other points of the triangle must also adjust to keep a project on track.



Tim leads on Project and Programme management across our contracts.

He has a wealth of experience and skills acquired across a wide range of roles in R&D, Design, Analysis, Manufacturing and Operations in the Construction, Energy, Aerospace and Automotive sectors. He is experienced in managing complex, high value collaborative programmes, across the UK, Europe and globally. He can operate at all levels from an understanding of and contribution to technology and finances through to Exec-level reporting, stakeholder management and strategy. He is able to draw on his extensive experience, in both technical and management domains, to provide valuable insights to the projects he manages.

Away from work, Tim enjoys cycling, walking, singing and watching sports.

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Sue manages the running of the business and provides financial and administration services to clients too.

She worked for most of her career in the NHS, delivering speech therapy programmes to children and dysphagia support for adults.

Sue stepped into the role of Business Director in 2015 and has provided financial and administration services for small to large contracts (up to £6.2M total budget) with clients across the UK and Europe.

Away from work Sue enjoys gardening, reading and singing.


Project Management | Business DevelopmentBSC MSC

Hannah provides a lot of PM services to our clients. Hannah achieved a first-class degree in Environmental Conservation and then went on to complete a MSc in Environmental Management. Hannah went on to achieve diplomas in PFQ & PPC and is working towards being accredited by APM.

Away from work Hannah founded an Environmental Charity, OMEF, and enjoys an outdoor lifestyle, doing activities such as hiking and mountain biking and is renovating her house on the Mid Wales, Shropshire borders.

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