What We Do

We offer trusted, professional, flexible and adaptable project and programme management services:  we work to meet the needs of our clients in an increasingly challenging and demanding market.


We deliver projects and programmes, successfully drawing on our experiences and skills to ensure that we exceed expectations of our clients and deliver to budget, time and scope. We also have the experience and skills to do financial management of your project as well as administration support.

We are experienced in managing projects of all sizes and levels of complexity, delivering the right level of service to ensure successful project delivery. For example: from 2015-2018, we project-managed a successful 3-year, €7M, 10-party, pan-European R&D project to deliver digital technologies into manufacturing and operational planning; since 2019 we have been project-managing a 2-year, £6.2M, 6-party project to improve the methods of construction for homes, which is a flagship InnovateUK project and expected to be a game-changer for the sector.

We work on a bespoke basis among a wide range of sectors, with extensive experience in project management we can offer a wide range of support. We would love to hear about your project and how we can support you.

End-to-end Project Management

We are happy to support you at whatever stage your project is at, from concept to completion.

Schedule management

We can work with you, building an effective schedule and managing time to save your company time and money as you efficiently move from one project to the next.


Project reporting is essential to project management success since it provides a window into what’s happening and what to do about it for the entire team.

Risk Management

By identifying, analysing and responding to risks as they arise, we can help to keep your project on track.

In addition to end-to-end project management, we are also delighted to offer additional services on a contracted or ad-hoc basis as required:

Project preparation & kick-off

We can kick start any project, helping to build and provide essential components vital for success,  understanding the requirements of any project and using this to create Project Management Plans and governance structures.

The PMP forms the main reference document for the project team and is a key component of any successful project.

Resource management

We offer clearly defined project tasks with areas of responsibility and assigned resources to ensure projects are delivered on time.

Financial management

Including all aspects of budgeting and forecasting financials, not just at conception, but throughout the project lifecycle.

Why Choose Us?

We Are Committed To Delivering To High Standards And Exceeding Your Expectations. We have developed strong expertise in collaborative projects, working with multiple project partners, which benefits from our efficient communication, cross-party engagement and facilitation and supportive leadership style.

We have excellent standards of PROFESSIONALISM and INTEGRITY.

We forge strong client relationships and are dedicated to deliver on our commitments, and on yours.

We have the flexibility to deliver in a challenging and changing business environment.

Our team have a shared ethos to meet and exceed your expectations.

We strive to build trust, so that you can depend on us to deliver.

We excel in managing large collaboration projects and are fully able to support remote working.

We have professional accreditations and memberships of professional bodies.